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HSE Announce that Twelve Health and Safety Instruments have been Amended.

A number of health and safety (miscellaneous repeals, revocations and amendments) regulations have been reviewed and removed by parliament  because they have been replaced by more up to date regulations and are  now redundant and no longer beneficial in the workplace. The changes will have no effect on current essential health and safety protections; their… Read more »

A Third of Construction Sites in the South West Fail Health and Safety Checks

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found during a month long inspection initiative that construction sites in Wiltshire, Somerset, Avon and Gloucestershire failed to pass health and safety checks. Inspectors visited the areas as part of a national Health and Safety Executive (HSE) clampdown aimed at reducing death, injury and ill health. A total of… Read more »

For Those Statistically Minded…

At the end of October, the HSE released their latest health and safety figures, detailing the number of workers involved in health and safety incidents for the last financial year (between April 2011 and March 2012). Although there has been some improvements in certain areas, the number of people fatally injured at work in Britain… Read more »