Medical gases update course and AED (Automatic Defibrillator) update course


Course Duration: 8hrs

Course Location: Wymondham


Who should attend?

This course is for individuals who have kept up-to-date certificates for both subjects
(AED and medical gases should be updated annually)

Aims & Objectives


Medical Gases Syllabus
• Registration and welcome
• Course Objective
• Medical gases commonly used
• How oxygen supports life
• Oxygen therapy set
• Features of over oxygenation
• C.P.R. with oxygen
• Positive pressure ventilation
• Dangers when working with cyanide
• Treatment for cyanide poisoning
• Analgesic Gas
• Assembly of analgesic gas equipment
• Administration of analgesic gas
• Practical Assessments

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Syllabus

• Recap of CPR
• Basic information about the heart
• How defibrillation works
• AED machines and reporting
• Practical use of AED and protocols

Practical exercise
Question Paper
Questions & Answers session

(The syllabus can be adjusted to suit specific groups)


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