Manual Handling

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Course Duration: 4.5hrs

Course Location: Wymondham


Who should attend?

This course is designed for those delegates who as part of their job are involved with Manual Handling. This may include those involved with planning and organisation.


The aim of this course is to explain and train the delegates in issues involved in Manual Handling. The root cause of incidents and the safe management of Manual handling.

By the end of the session all delegates will be able to use the equipment safely as designed by the manufacturers. Will be able to complete a recorded inspection in line the HSE guidance. All delegates will capable of cleaning, storing and maintaining equipment as instructed. By the end of the session the delegates will understand the hierarchy of control. The likely injuries which can affect those who handle in their work. The lifting aids which are available. Understand and be able to practice and comply with HSE best practice in regard to manual handling.

• Manual handling operation regulations 1992
• Accident statistics: causes, prevention and control
• Course issues in regard to manual handling in delegates own work area.
• Elimination/reduction of manual handling, hierarchy of control
• Assessment of manual handling task, MAC TOOL
• Tile: task, individual, load, environment
• Manual handling techniques, back, legs, arms, chest, chin
• Individual capabilities, what can you life.
• The environment, where are you lifting.
• PPE, help or hinderance,
• Dual lifting, team planning
• Mechanised lifting aids, what is there and what can you use.
• Long term health issues.
• Training, is it bespoke to what you do.

Practical assessment
Evaluations & Close

This course runs as a 1/2 day session, either AM (8.30-13.00) or PM (13.00-16.30)


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