New Health and Safety Tool Launched by HSE

The HSE has revamped the way in which small businesses are able to access official advice about health and safety online with a new section of their website. You can see the new pages here.

Considered to be low risk, office health and safety training is often overlooked, even though the legislation covers all of those in the work place, no matter if they’re working on scaffolding on an industrial site or sitting in front of a computer in an office.

The HSE hopes that this new package of online guidance will bring together all of the information a low-risk business needs to consider when it comes to their health and safety policy. Small firms can often be some of the busiest and the idea has been to simplify the access to such information.

Minister for Employment, Mark Hoban has only praise for the new initiative from the HSE, highlighting the fact that the move will mean small businesses don’t have to “waste precious time and money on unnecessary bureaucracy.”

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