My Health and Safety Conscience by Georgina


A day in the life of a Britannia delegate seen through the eyes of a Britannia employee.

My IPAF MEWP course.

Being in a new role as part of the sales team at Britannia I quickly realised through taking bookings that IPAF MEWP courses are one of our most popular. I then began to think that If I put myself in the delegates shoes and attend the course I would then be able to answer more queries and explain in detail.

The day of the course finally came around on Wednesday and I was very excited and ready to go in my multi-coloured PPE.

There was 3 others on the course who were a great bunch along with the trainer Lee who made us feel at ease and was very knowledgeable.

We all passed with flying colours and it was great for myself to see what the course entailed.
I would highly recommend this course and would be more than happy to talk to you about it, Should you want to make a booking please call me, Georgina, on 01953 606 100 or alternatively visit our website to book online. #yourhealthandsafetyconscience